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Taicin is an outstanding company devoted to the professional production and selling of hydraulic valves. Since it was established, Taicin comply with business philosophies of Professional, Quality, and Service. Taicin produce products with precision machining and check manufacture process strictly. Taicin strive to supply products of excellent quality with professional technology and R&D efforts, accompany with considerate service for customer's satisfactory.

Company Profile

Company Profile

Welcome to Taicin

For the past 20 years, Taicin has been supplying high quality valve products domestically to Taiwan and more recently, internationally. Taicin has a reputation of being quality conscious and is reflected through our ISO 9001-2015 standards and certification. Most of our products are CE approved and is ready for international export.
Taicin produces all kinds of oil hydraulic valves and pumps.

Elements of our Quality Statement are:
1. Incorporate world class quality and manufacturing systems.
2. Design quality and reliability into our products using DFM and FEA principles.
3. Advanced Education Training.
4. Outstanding Research Development.

More than 90% of our technicians are college and university graduates which results in better design and technical support. Also, our products widely used and recognized throughout all over the world.
Taicin manufactures all of its products from raw material to finished goods in our own factories. This allows us to produce products of high quality and reliability using our TQC systems, manufacturing standards, and strict test and inspection standards.

We are confident that we can provide our customers the best products that suit their requirements.

Target And Vision

In order for Taicin to be successful in the future, we depend on 2 guiding principles:

Customer Satisfaction

Research and anticipate market and customer demands by participating in various industrial trade shows globally. This allows us to understand customer requirements presently and in the future. By listening to customers and understanding industrial requirements, the best quality products and be provided world wide with high customers satisfaction.

Change And Challenge

Understand emerging trends and technologies, and responding to these changes rapidly.

History & Development
2017ISO 9001-2015 certification approved.
2006Sales department established in Wuxi, Ningbo,Hangzhou, Jiaxing and Donggueng, China.
2005Rename company name to Taicin L.S. Co., Ltd.
1998ISO9002 certification approved.
1982Invested in Taicin manufactory - Manufacture in oil hydraulic parts.
1976Invested in Mao Chern Co., Ltd. - Trading company.
1975Invested in Taicin Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Sole agent of Japan Daikin Industries Co., Ltd.
1970Invested in Mao Shang Co., Ltd. - Pneumatic gauge's manufacturer.
1963Invested in Mao Sheng Co., Ltd. - Plastic products' manufacturer.
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