Variable Volume Piston Pumps

Proportional Valves

Proportional Valves

Adjust pressure and flow in proportional to input current of power amplifier.

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Cartridge Valves

Simple structure design, small volume, low cost, full functioning, wide range of applications.


Variable Volume Piston Pumps | Solenoid Valve Manufacturer - TAICIN

TAICIN L.S. CO., LTD. is one of the prime Variable Volume Piston Pumps | solenoid valve manufacturers in oil and pressure components industry, located in Taiwan, since 1982.

ISO, CE certified with DFM and FEA design principle, TAICIN's hydraulic valves including pressure control valve, hydraulic flow control valve, directional control valve, flow control valve and hydraulic solenoid valve, which are widely used in various types of hydraulic machines and machine tools.

TAICIN has been offering customers high-quality hydraulic valves since 1982. Both with advanced technology and 21 years of experience, TAICIN ensures each customer's demands are met.

Variable Volume Piston Pumps


Daikin type piston pumps
Daikin type piston pumps

This piston pump is applied for
NC lathe
Machine center
Bending machine
Blowing machine
High efficient special machine or press
Flow range is from 15cc to 70cc/rev


  • Daikin Type.
  • Swash Plate axial type design, widely, used in industrial machinery.
  • Specially designed for low noise through whole pressure zone.
  • Unique controlling ways make it become save energy circuit.
  • Ideal for small volume tank use as its pressure lose small and rarely rise in oil temperature.


Model NumberMaxi Working Pressure
No Load's Delivery 1/min (GPM)Pressure Adjusting Range
Turn speed (rpm)
1500 rpm1800 rpmMinMax
V152501522.527.0A1: 8 ~ 70
A2: 15 ~ 140
A3: 20 ~ 210
A4: 20 ~ 250

Control Type

Control TypeJIS SymbolCharacteristicsDescription
A Pressure Compensator ControlJIS Symbol - ACharacteristics - A1. When system pressure increase to set-up pressure, flow drops automatically but pressure remains unchanged.
2. Flow and set-up pressure can be adjusted manually.
A-RC Remote Pressure Compensator ControlJIS Symbol - A-RCCharacteristics - A-RC1. Its functions are same as A type; Furthermore, pressure can be remote controlled.
CH Two-stage ControlJIS Symbol - CHCharacteristics - CH1. With low-pressure at large flow and high-pressure at small flow function. A small power electrical motor is suitable enough for it.
2. When system pressure increase or approach to PH pressure, flow of pump will automatically drop to QL.
3. Pressure PH PL or flow QH QL are adjustable.
4. It is ideal to apply on machines which its strokes are long unloaded or short stroke loaded.
CH-RC Remote Control Type Two-stage ControlJIS Symbol - CH-RCCharacteristics - CH-RC1. Its functions are same as CH type; Furthermore, pressure can be remote controlled.


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