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Taicin is an outstanding company devoted to the professional production and selling of hydraulic valves. Since it was established, Taicin comply with business philosophies of Professional, Quality, and Service. Taicin produce products with precision machining and check manufacture process strictly. Taicin strive to supply products of excellent quality with professional technology and R&D efforts, accompany with considerate service for customer's satisfactory.

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  • Solenoid Operated Directional Valves
    Solenoid Operated Directional Valves
    KSO-G02, G03

    Solenoid operated directional control valves are available in AC or DC voltages. A selection of solenoid connection schemes and wiring box provide excellent choices for any environmental condition. Wiring box is fitted with terminal strip, solenoid indicator lamps, and feature plug-in solenoid coils. Wiring box connection receptacles are available, along with direct coil connection plugs. All versions are available in 2 position spring offset, 2 position detent (2D), 2 position spring centered (2N) and 3 position spring centered versions. A wide range of spools are available.

  • Solenoid Operated Directional Valves
    Solenoid Operated Directional Valves
    HKSO-G02, G03

    We provide shock relief option for you to choose from. As the valve spool shifts, the spool lands cross-over the valve body ports. This can produce high instantaneous flow rates. It provides a slow spool movement; slower than that of a standard directional valve. This results in reduction of hydraulic system shock produced by the spool movement and high flow rates. Maximum pressure is 315kgf/cm2 Plug-in connector type is available. For Plug-in connector type, its coil can be rotated 90 degree to facilitate installation

  • Remote Control Relief Valves
    Remote Control Relief Valves

    It is also name as direct type relief valves. This valve is used as a remote control valve for pilot operated type pressure control valves. There’s sub-plate and thread connection 2 types to choose from.

  • Pressure Control Valves
    Pressure Control Valves
    HG, HT

    There are several types of valves including sequence, unloading and low pressure relief valves; All of which are operated by a pressure rise in the circuit, sensed either internally or remotely.

  • Pressure Control and Check Valves
    Pressure Control and Check Valves
    HCG, HCT

    This valve is same as H type pressure control valve but check valve function added. When free reverse flow from secondary port to the primary port is desired, this valve is recommended.

  • Pressure Reducing Valves
    Pressure Reducing Valves
    RG, RT, RCG, RCT

    Valve is used to set pressure of branch circuit lower than the pressure of main circuit by connecting remote control valve to vent port, branch circuit pressure can be remote control. Reducing valve with check valve will allow free flow from reduced pressure circuit B to main circuit A.

  • Solenoid Operated Speed Control Valve
    Solenoid Operated Speed Control Valve

    It is also well known as throttle valve or solenoid operated flow control valves

  • Flow Control Valves
    Flow Control Valves
    FG (FCG)

    Flow control valves provide a constant flow rate and precisely control the speed of the actuator. It is known as a pressure and temperature compensating valve.

  • Modular Throttle Valves
    Modular Throttle Valves
    MT-02P, 02T

    It’s known as Cetop modular sandwich valve, so does throttle valves and speed control valve. It is to control the speed of actuator and to adjust its flow control. When hydraulic oil passes throttle valve, if the inlet or outlet port have Pressure changes, its flow will also change accordingly.

  • Modular Throttle with Check Valves
    Modular Throttle with Check Valves

    It’s known as Cetop modular sandwich valves. It is same as modular flow control valves but check valves function added.

  • Proportional Electro-Hydraulic Pilot Relief Valves
    Proportional Electro-Hydraulic Pilot Relief Valves

    This valve consists of a small DC solenoid and a direct-acting relief valve. It serves as a pilot valve for a low flow rate hydraulic system or a proportional electro-hydraulic control valve and controls the pressure in proportion to the input current. This valve is used in conjunction with the applicable power amplifier

  • Proportional Electro-Hydraulic Relief and Flow Control Valves
    Proportional Electro-Hydraulic Relief and Flow Control Valves

    Typical applications of proportional hydraulic valves Include cranes and industrial applications such as construction, mining, plastic injection molding.

  • Fully Adjustable Needle Cartridge
    Fully Adjustable Needle Cartridge

    A screw-in, cartridge-style, variable orifice, hydraulic flow control valve with reverse flow check.

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